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We apply a strong gender lens across the breadth of MCA’s work and provide a significant focus on the empowerment of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to participate fully and effectively in social, economic, cultural, civil and political life.

Harmony Alliance

MCA auspices Harmony Alliance: Migrant and Refugee Women for Change. The Alliance is a member-driven body, providing an inclusive and informed voice on the multiplicity of issues impacting on experiences and outcomes of migrant and refugee women in Australia.

Harmony Alliance adopts an intersectional, feminist, human rights- and strength-based approach in promoting the voice and participation of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds in Australian society. We acknowledge the diversity of experiences of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds and recognise the inherent value of each person, of all backgrounds, genders, ages, abilities, social standings, sexual orientations, or religions.

Intersectionality for public policy leaders

MCA and Harmony Alliance recognise that intersectionality is so much more than promoting diversity and addressing inequality; it is a framework for consciously inclusive and reflexive public policy design. We developed an e-leaning course for executive leaders across social and economic public policy to enhance their ability to design intersectional policies with a view to achieving equitable outcomes for stakeholders in all their diversity.

Women’s financial literacy

MCA and Harmony Alliance recognise the importance of women understanding and managing their finances as a building block of independence and wellbeing. We offer migrant and refugee women a free tailored e-learning resource designed to support migrant and refugee women in managing their finances.

Women’s health

We work closely with RANZCOG, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists—as part of the National Women’s Health Strategy—to deliver a series of webinars and informational activities designed at improving the health literacy of migrant and refugee women. The Healthy Horizons series focuses on sexual and reproductive health as well as other topics of interest to women, while adopting a culturally responsive approach and tailoring the information to the specific needs and experiences of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.