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Migration & Settlement

Migration research & policy advice

MCA consults widely and undertakes research to develop informed policy advice to government and non-government stakeholders.

Some of our key policy briefs to date include:

Settlement Engagement and Transition Support Community of Practice

MCA facilitates SETSCoP — a national collaboration of settlement service providers across Australia, who support vulnerable migrants and refugees under the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) program. The community of practice (CoP) enables and supports settlement service providers to collaborate, collectively identify and address emerging issues, and share best practice at the national level.

Gender-responsive settlement

MCA recognises the importance of settlement services being both culturally and gender responsive, inclusive to people with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.

Our key work in this area includes:

National Compact on Permanent Migration

MCA is a strong supporter of Australia’s permanent migration program as essential to Australian society and economy and critical to our future as a nation. MCA facilitated the National Compact on Permanent Migration bringing together community, industry and unions to reaffirm our shared commitment to pathways to permanent settlement and citizenship as central to Australia’s migration framework.